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While the Spartacus series continuing as the network’s main attraction, Starz offers purchased an additional blood-and-boobs historic legendary series in what is known as the Michael Bay-produced Black Sails. Filmed and developed within South Africa, the actual tentatively-entitled TV drama is a predecessor to Robert Stevenson’s traditional buccaneer story Treasure Island. It will require a setting two decades prior to the occasions from the book, subsequent Captain Flint (the departed buccaneer who else actually placed the booty in Treasure Island) along with a younger Long John Silver because they buckle swash within protection associated with “notorious legal haven” New Providence Island isle. In the event you have not gone through this, the actual oft-adapted 1883 guide views younger narrator John Hawkins as well as cohorts squaring away towards the devious, peg-legged Long John Silver with regard to Flint’s hidden cherish. Bay great horror-remake-happy Platinum eagle Sand hills tag will certainly professional generate the actual eight-episode very first time of year from the predecessor collection together with makers Jon Steinberg (Jericho) as well as Robert Levine (Touch). It is going to symbolize the director’s very first actual entry into TV. Anticipate Black Sails to begin plundering with regard to rankings, ransoming the actual swollen children associated with notable television pros along with other buccaneer things and is set to premiere on January 25, 2014.


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